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Mario Landry started playing guitar at the end of his adolescence. In 1989, with the help of a friend, he forms "Clockwork 7", his first group. Three years later, after few shows, the venture ends. Too absorbed by the management of a small enterprise, music is shelved. Then comes an artistically unproductive period which will last six years. In 1998 he takes private classes in guitar and singing. During that period, he shares with an old member of Clocwork 7, Christopher Cousineau, many evenings where they mutually enrich their respective musical universe. These encounters, although periodical, will remain a major influence for him.
In the year 2000, he's brought together again with a friend from way back, Viviane Lamy, who has a few compositions up her sleeves without any precise career plan. After having cumulated a few private classes in singing, guitar playing and drawing she is thinking more and more seriously about giving a direction to her artistic skills. It is in taking the decision to actively search for new opportunities that she decides to call her old friend to make a demo. The demo ends up turning into an album project bringing together their respective "répertoire". Before beginning the recordings, they decide to fly to Europe, a way to gain inspiration and play with a few ideas. These ideas will add themselves to the material already developed and will favor the birth of Osmosaic. Once back, they transform a section of the house they both now live in, into a real laboratory. They play around with images, texts and music. A recording studio is set up. Just the time needed to gain a few technical notions about sound recording and graphic design and the launching takes place. The result of this first project comes to life in September 2004 and is called "Un", Their first album.




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